Roza's Services - Top Quality from Singapore's Top Property Agent

Buying a property?
Wonder where to start? Confused which property to look at first? Running through the thousands of properties for sale in the classified ads?

If you are heading nowhere, Roza Sure Bagus can minimize your search. Go for a hassle-free service by her. Just let Roza-Sure Bagus shortlist the best homes for you according to your budget. Big or small, your welfare is her priority.

Selling a property?
If it were as easy as ABC, homeowners would have done it themselves! In the new millennium, more strategies need to be planned to execute the effective selling.

Remember, selling is an art, together with proper techniques; it's a Sure Sell deal. If you are reading this website, you will understand what it means to be different.

Renting a property?
Getting good tenants is like having a golden goose, just laying those eggs for you to reap the benefits. Ever wonder what are the do’s and don’ts for landlords to note getting the right tenants? Let Roza Sure Bagus do the screening for you.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, so beware on the procedures allowed within the Singapore context.

Residential Property?
All properties are unique. There is more to research work to be done when handling private residential, especially of landed properties. With Roza Sure Bagus, you will not have second thoughts for her networks will certainly keep your mind at peace.

Commercial Property?
Be it small shop take-over assignments or locating office space to the MNCs, nothing is too big or small for Roza Sure Bagus to handle.

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Making good the use of the various modes of communication that are available to reach out effectively to the mass audiences is part of Roza’s advertising strategy in her marketing plan.

Apart from her enlightening Question and Answer section on various print media, namely Berita Harian/Minggu and the Lima, she extends her expertise to reach over the phone and the radio.

It is here that she patiently entertains phone-in enquiries that are related to housing and other connected issues such as bank loans, insurance, renovation and legal matters.

She manages to touch base with audiences from diverse backgrounds. To be part of a beneficial programme to the audiences, she is always proactive, prepared and up to date on various subjects that are linked to estate and property and financial management.

She attains great satisfaction by “ Being the solution to people's problem” And “Making new friends”

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